Can you see bed bugs?

Bed bugs are the size of an apple seed (5-7 mm or 3/16 – 1/4 inch long) so you can totally see them with the naked eye. A bed bug that has recently fed on human blood is reddish-brown and has the shape of a balloon. A hungry bed bug is brown and has a flat, oval body. The young of the species are smaller, they’re translucent white if not fed, so they are almost invisible. Bed bug eggs are the size of a pinhead and have a pearly color, so they’re extremely hard to see on white sheets.

Can bed bugs live in cold climates?

Unfortunately, bed bugs can easily tolerate low temperatures so they’re well adapted to survive even in cold climates. Studies have shown that low temperatures, like 46F, don’t bother them much and they remain quite active. Bed bugs can survive short exposure to very low temperatures, like -10F. If you want to freeze bed bugs, you’d have to expose them to a temperature of 0F over several days, which is probably not the temperature in your house, so you have no chance of getting rid of them this way.

Do ants eat bed bugs?

The idea that ants can rid you of bed bugs is a myth. There are over 1,000 species of ants in the US, so first of all it would be hard to find one that can kill bed bugs. Your best bet would be the Asian Needle ant, and they’re not that common in the US. The vast majority of ants would gladly feast on a dead bed bug, but they wouldn’t bother hunting them for you.

Can bed bugs fly?

Once they discover they have a bed bug infestation, many people wonder how is it possible? Do they fly? No, bed bugs do not fly and they don’t have wings. They can, however, crawl very fast when they want to. However, this is not how they spread, they don’t just crawl into your house. Mostly, bed bugs hitch a ride by hiding in people’s luggage or clothing. They can even find their way into your house by latching themselves to someone’s skin.

Do bed bug traps really work?

Technically, yes, they work. Will they help you get rid of bed bugs? No. There are various DIY trap ideas on the Internet, some are relatively easy to make, while others are extremely complicated. The point is you might waste a few nights and probably catch a few of them, but you cannot hope of catching them all. If you’re really desperate, try something like a mattress encasement system (on sale at major retailers) and use them to get some peaceful sleep until the professionals can get to you.

Do bed bugs come out when you turn the lights on?

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects and they prefer to come out and feed at night, while the humans are asleep. If you leave the lights on in your bedroom, this might fool them for a while into thinking it’s still daytime. However, keep in mind that bed bugs can smell you’re in bed and, when they get really hungry, they will come out of their hiding places, light or no light.If you sleep with the lights on for a few days and don’t register any bed bug activity, don’t think you’ve won. They can go without food for a month, although they do prefer to feed at least once a week.

Do bed bugs hibernate in the winter?

Bed bugs have no need to hibernate because they don’t spend the winter out in the cold, like bears. These parasites have no problem with winter in a warm house. On the contrary, winter is their favorite season as people spend more time indoors, so their food is readily available. Also, people take out their heaviest thickest blankets during the cold season, and bed bugs can find more places to hide and multiply in your bed. If need be and they get caught in the cold, they can lower their body temperature and hibernate, but that’s rarely the case.

How do bed bugs move around?

Bed bugs find their way into a new home by hiding on people’s luggage, clothing, handbags or they can come with a piece of furniture. Once inside the house, they can move around and colonize other bedrooms by crawling through floor and ceiling openings, or by following pipes. The easiest way, however, is to attach themselves to you or your clothes and get to the living room couch, your favorite armchair or the kids’ bedroom.

How long can bed bugs stay dormant?

Very long. Bed bugs can stay dormant for 2 to 6 months if they enter a hibernation-like state. And they will not feed during this time. In extremely cold temperatures they might survive up to one year. Once they’ve established themselves in a house they will be active all year round as the temperature inside is usually stable and comfortable for them, so they have no reason to hibernate.

How often do bed bugs feed?

Adult bugs generally feed once every five days. If you get bitten every night, it’s not the same parasite, but other members of the colony coming out for a blood meal. After they emerge from the eggs, the nymphs need a blood meal to go from one stage of their development to another. There are five stages total and it takes them around two months to become adults. Also, the females of the species need one hearty meal to lay viable eggs. The females in your colony don’t reproduce at the same time, they’ll come out at different intervals, which sort of explains why you can never have a peaceful night’s sleep. There are always a few of them who are hungry.

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